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The fall season comes around once again with a chill in the air and the changing leaves’ beauty to admire. And for many cattle ranchers, it ushers in the time of year for shipping out and selling calves. 

When it comes to loading and unloading cattle, there are often factors that are beyond our control. Yearlings get anxious, weather is unpredictable, and new surroundings can bring unknown challenges.

There is something that can be depended upon, however, and that is having the right resources in place to make the loading and unloading smooth. Our loading chute offers a high-quality, long-lasting investment paired with ease of use and dependability. 

Here is a pictorial overview of some of the main features of our loading chutes.

Front Drop Down Gate

  • The 7,000 pound axle more than handles the fully-loaded chute with panels.
  • Front drop-down gate
  • Rear swing gate


Designed for Usability

  • Wood floor with cleats
  • Removable gate
  • Panel hookups
  • 14′ ramp ensures less slope
  • 24″ catwalk on both sides of the chute


Trouble-free Setup

  • Tongue is easily-removed by taking out a single pin 

Strength & Portability

  • Chute connects to panels with ease

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