How to level mounds in hay fields with our Leveling Shovel

Leveling Shovels




You might be wondering what exactly the Haukaas Leveling Shovels are and why they work so well to level mounds in hay fields. Here’s a quick guide that explains how the Leveling Shovels function.

Our Leveling Shovels are proven to make a dramatic difference in hay fields and farmland, where pocket gophers, moles, and other pests have damaged land. Not only are they effective, but they are simple to use. The Leveling Shovels bolt to your cultivator shanks like regular shovel. With such ease of installation, they provide a solution that makes an impact without a hassle.

The Leveling Shovels are a simple device designed to attach to a cultivator just like a cultivator
shovel. The Leveling Shovels are designed to work in conjunction with a rear drag chain which
is attached between each of the shovels fastened to the rear row of shanks. The chains do a great
job leveling out the loose ground displaced by the shovels as they explode through the mole hills.

The Leveling Shovels work the best when the cultivator’s hydraulics is set so that the shovels run
about a 1/2” to 3/4” above the ground. Normally the only time the shovel comes in contact with
the ground is when it explodes the mole hill. Whether the mole hill is old or new the results are
the same. The 3-1/2” front face of each shovel will move a tremendous amount of soil when they
hit the base of the mole hill at a good speed.  

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The Leveling Shovels are a low cost, efficient way of preparing your hay fields each year. Since the shovels run above the ground and only come in contact with mole hills they require a minimal
amount of power to be pulled through the field and will last a long time.

At the present time the Leveling Shovels are available for cultivators with 43 degree and 50
degree shanks. The shovels themselves cover a width of 16” wide and are designed to work on
cultivators with 12” spacings.

The Leveling Shovel Package includes the fasteners, drag chains (1/2” plated logging chain) and
connectors required to join the chains at the cultivator’s hinge points.

The Leveling Shovel is a simple idea that works remarkably well. Whether you buy a set for just
yourself or you and your neighbor go in together on a set I believe you will be happy with the job
they do.

Once installed, the Leveling Shovels slice into, spread out, and level pocket gopher or mole hills. It may be better said that the Leveling Shovels “EXPLODE” and level such pocket gopher or mole hills in hay fields and farmland.

With the cultivator set at 3/4” above the ground, the Leveling Shovels come in contact with the ground only when hitting a mole hill. The results will be low power requirements to pull the cultivator, with virtually no crop damage and a long wear life on the shovels. Old or new pocket gopher mole hills are no problem…all are leveled! Virtually no plugging in tall stubble… Shovels come in 43 degree and 50 degree slopes to fit most cultivators.

Once you’ve got your leveling shovels, you’ll be ready to install them and get to work.  

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