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Reel-tite fence tighteners save time and effort

Reel-Tite fence tighteners make fence maintenance a breeze 

Our Reel-Tite fence tighteners are a rancher’s best friend! The Reel-Tite product from KERMCO-DEHAAI, INC. provides a convenient and effect way to keep fences tight in a fraction of the time. Your fences can be easily maintained, no matter the type of wire. From new or old to rusty and high tensile, you can be sure that your fences will stay tight. All without un-stapling, re-stretching, or breaking! This patented design saves you 75% to 90% on your fence maintenance labor.

Each Reel-Tite is a 13-gauge steel disc with a plated, weather-resistant finish. The disc measures 4″ X 2 3/4″. All Reel-Tites can be adjusted any time with our convenient handle.

Easy to Install

A fence should never be tight in one area and loose somewhere else. This is the equalization principle-let it work for you.

Place one Reel-Tite on each wire in the middle of a 40-rod span of fence. Tighten up the Reel-Tite turning the handle clockwise until the wire reaches the desired tension. An out-turned flange holds the Reel-Tite securely in place. Remove the handle and check the span of fence- the slack will have equalized to the Reel-Tite.

Retightening Fences

Retighten the Reel-Tite with the handle. The tension can be maintained on this span of fence for the life of the wire! With a little practice, it will take you one minute to tighten four wires and only 30 seconds to retighten them. 

Repairing Fences

The Reel-Tite can even repair broken wires! Simply splice in a piece of wire at the break, attach a Reel-Tite two to three feet down the fence, and wind up the slack.

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