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A high-quality solution for keeping cattle in! 

Plus the option of short-term use!

Our cattle guards provide not only another high-quality solution for ranchers and landowners, but also the ability to be used in short-term situations.

Since these cattle guards are sheeted on both sides, no pit is necessary. Simply move the cattle guard to its temporary location, and move it again when needed. With this capability, your pastures and fenced areas can be used in multi-purpose ways to protect livestock and horses from harm. For example, these cattle guards can be used as short-term solutions for winter feeding use in hay yard gates.

Made to Colorado Forestry Service specifications, these cattle guards are a high-quality solution. The I-beams serve to better distribute the weight, unlike most of our competitors that use channel iron.

Additionally their round pipe, not square, deters horses and yearlings from trying to cross.

Whatever length you need, we can custom build cattle guards to fit your gates.  

If you’re ready for a cattle guard that will stand up to every-day use and serve multiple purposes, this is it! Feel free to call us for more information or to stop by and take a look. 

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